Shower Enclosures In Union County & Essex County, NJ

shower enclosures njShower door enclosures are more or less the sum product of your entire shower system. Everything from the door, tub, hose, and tile. There are quite litterally hundreds of different enclosure types which leaves options for everyone. At Glass Plus we know that the location of your enclosure can make a big difference in your bathroom. We also know that there are valuable ways to expand the open space in your bathroom without reducing the size of the enclosure.

Any enclosure will suffer damage, corrosion, or general malfunction with enough time. When that time does come its important to choose a service which understands your plight. Glass Plus has faithfully served the people of Union County, and Essex County, NJ for years. If you are in need of a repair, replacement, or installation call Glass Plus today.

Types of Shower Enclosures

For many of us the most relaxing time of our day is when we get to shower. What we dont think about is just how much our shower enclosure can alter our experience. There are almost a dozen different types of shower enclosures available at Glass Plus in Union and Essex County, NJ.

shower doors njQuadrant Shower Enclosures – These enclosures are specifically made with space management in mind. Often they are put directly into the corner of the bathroom and are outfitted with sliding doors to conserve space. These are excellent for anyone who would like create more open space in their bathroom.

Frameless Shower Enclosures – Known for their modern appeal and lack of necessary maintenance these enclosures are a fantastic choice for anyone.

Aluminum & Glass Shower Enclosure – The best thing about aluminum shower enclosures is that they are immune to rust. When these showers enclosures are installed they are made to resist corrosion leaving you a maintenance free enclosure.

Glass Block Shower Enclosure – These wonderfully simplistic showers are made for ease. They are incredibly easy to keep clean. Another reason is that of increased privacy. Glass Block’s will blur the view of the outside, and inside of the enclosure.

Sliding Shower Enclosures & Doors – These enclosures are made for the purpose of saving you space. By using a sliding door you can conserve valuable space in your bathroom. Our sliding shower enclosures and doors come in a wide variety of styles.

Pivot Frameless Shower Enclosures & Doors – Pivot Enclosures are held in place on the ceiling and ground on each of its corners. By structuring the pivot’s evenly you can support the entire weight of the enclosure with as space as possible. These are quickly becoming some of the most popular enclosures today.

Bifold Shower Enclosures & Doors – By creating two separate half sized sliding doors and supporting them with ceiling based pivots you can create additional space in your shower. Many opt to use this additional space as an in or outside shower closet for various shower accessories. This enclosure provides an ease of access to all of your hygiene accessories that isn’t found in any other enclosure.

Dual Entrance Shower Enclosure & Door – These beautiful enclosures originated in french culture. By outfitting the enclosure with two parallel doors you can create a slide out tub/shower and allow for more compact storage.

90 Degree Shower Enclosure – A perfect square with glazed, and trimmed corner’s these enclosures are absolutely stunning. The are often spacious and offer a great deal of space to relax.

Shower Cabins – Built without the need for an enclosure these cabins don’t require tiles and tend to come with various additions to increase your experience.

Types of Shower Enclosure Glass Types

frameless shower enclosure njOver the years more and more glass types have become affordable to the general public. These glass types come in different colors, styles, patterns, and designs.

Clear Glass – This is quite simply the standard glass you are used to seeing. With no particular design or style they tend to be medium in thickness.

Low Iron Glass – Also known as starphire glass, these type is more transparent than clear float glass. This transparency is achieved by removing as much iron oxide as possible from the glass.

Frosted Glass – This type of glass produces a blurred light effect. This condition is gained by sandblasting the glass surface and creating an almost smudged appearance. This makes the glass minimalistically see through with light still being to pass through.

Hammered Glass – By carving and stamping this glass you can achieve a nontransparent product.

shower tub enclosureTinted Glass – This glass is most commonly used in cars. It helps to keep out heat and offers greater privacy.

  • Rain Glass
  • Bronze Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • Coated Glass

At Glass Plus in Union, NJ and Essex, NJ we have access to the greatest quality glass products around. As listed above are just a handful of your various glass choices. If you have any questions regarding your home Glass situation call us today!

We specialize in shower door/enclosure services throughout Newark, Union, East Orange, Elizabeth, NJ, Union County and Essex County, New Jersey.