Storefront Glass Installation and Repair In Union County & Essex County, NJ

storefront windows njWhen properly installed storefront glass systems will drastically increase the brand identity of your business. By allowing your customers to see inside of your store you allow them to take their first initial view into your product and its use. When we install these systems in Essex County, NJ we go through it with you step by step. Storefront glass systems protect your business from wind, precipitation, and extreme temperatures.

The most important aspect of installation is taking proper measurements. By taking and using the correct measurements you can ensure not only the most appealing look but you can get the maximum potential out of your storefront glass system. By using the correct measurements you can save money on your energy bills, keep your environment dry, and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. With that being said, an improper measurement can cause a multitude of problems such as jamming doors, leaks, higher energy rates, and consistent damage over time.

Storefront systems have become a standard for business today. If you are interested or in need of storefront repairs or installations in Union County, NJ call us today.

Our Storefront Window Glass Types

The main forms of storefront window glass are wood, aluminum, bronze, and occasionally vinyl. Wood used to be the most popular type of system put into place. Wood is often equated with longevity and a appealing look. Often it is chosen simply based on appearance. Aluminum is a favorite because it allows more natural sunlight into the store and doesn’t require as much material to do its job. Aluminum storefronts used to have a problem with rusting over the years however, thats all changed now. Typically, aluminum based storefront glass is coated to prevent rust and damage. Bronze is considered the most appealing look. This is because it is thought of as having a classical or elegant appearance. Vinyl is another common form of storefront glass system, often recognized for its remarkably low needs maintenance wise this one is a favorite in Union County, NJ.

Commercial Storefront Service Options

Over time even a properly installed storefront system may suffer damage and error. Occasionally you may find yourself with a door that is hard to lock or possibly leaking. Another common problem is a door that opens and closes as uncomfortable speeds allowing undesired temperatures to escape into the store. These problems are all made more possible by a bad installation process. At Glass Plus in Union and Essex County, NJ we are here to assist you at all times.

These problems can all be prevented with regular service to your thresholds, glass, doors, and hinges. When these parts of the storefront glass system are not regularly taken care of they often result in much more expensive repairs and in extreme cases replacements.

Commercial Glass Door Options

Glass Plus offers numerous services to all commercial business owners. Everything from repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance services.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance is absolutely necessary to keeping a functional glass system without trouble. Whether it’s a window, shelve, storefront door, mirror, vanity, backsplash, shower enclosure, or sliding door maintenance is the key. By having a regular maintenance routine with Glass Plus in Essex County, NJ you can prevent a myriad of future issues. If you are in need of maintenance for your glass system in Union County, or Essex County, NJ call Glass Plus today.